Grease Interceptor Installation

We specialize in excavating and installing grease interceptors, restaurant hoods, conditional use permits consulting, and more!

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Green Team specializes in grease interceptor sales and installations, conditional use permits consulting, equipment sales, ghost kitchens, alcohol and beverage control licensing, and sales and installations of restaurant hoods. We do it all!

We installed a grease interceptor for Quizno’s Subs

Grease Interceptor Installation

Most of the substances that go down drains are easily broken down. However, heavy amounts of oil, grease or food can quickly cause drain and sewer clogs and when grease and cooking oil goes down a drain it can be harmful to the environment and cause problems at the water treatment plant.  A grease trap is a device designed to intercept and prevent most greases and solids from entering plumbing systems and causing clogs and plumbing problems along the way.

Restaurants can benefit from the installation of a grease trap and many municipalities have plumbing codes that require grease traps in commercial kitchens. Understanding the plumbing codes before installation will save you a ton of trouble later because in most cases, a plumbing permit will be required and an inspection will be conducted by your code enforcement authorities to ensure the job is done correctly.

Grease Interceptor

Restaurants can benefit from the installation of a grease trap

Restaurant Hoods

We can assist in purchasing pre-fabricated or custom built hoods and well as the installation of those hoods.

Permits Consulting

We can assist in the process in obtaining building permits and conditional use permits, as well as changes in occupancy.

Equipment Sales

We can assist in procuring the best quality equipment at the lowest prices.

beverage control licensing

We can assist in acquiring, transferring and otherwise obtaining the necessary ABC license for you restaurant

ghost kitchens

We were an early entrant to the ghost kitchen concept. Ghost kitchens also knows as “shared kitchens” enable you to cook in a facility that focuses on delivery and is designed to cut costs.

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Professional Restaurant Designing, Construction, and Remodeling

We specialize in everything related to restaurant construction.  Which means we can also be a valuable consultant to help you before you even begin the construction process. We can help you with restaurant licensing, conditional use permits, parking matters, working with the health department, and overall planning phases for construction.

We have extensive experience in building restaurants from the ground-up and handling every aspect of the process, even including the architectural plans, condition and use permit processing, procuring and installing restaurant equipment, restaurant tenant improvements, and more!