Ghost Kitchen Construction

We specialize in everything to do with custom restaurant construction. So when CloudKitchens contacted us to do something that had never been done, we were ready!

Ghost Kitchen Construction

The Ghost Kitchen business model requires a very specialized kitchen layout and construction. Multiple kitchens share common ventilation and other resources, while electrical and water must be metered separately. This requires an expert in custom restaurant design and a creative mind.

Shared Kitchens

We were an early entrant to the ghost kitchen concept. Ghost kitchens also knows as “shared kitchens” enable you to cook in a facility that focuses on delivery and is designed to cut costs.

Unique kitchen design coupled with specialty equipment makes this a very niche skill that we excel in because of our vast experience creating custom restaurants and restaurant remodeling.

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Custom Restaurant Designing, Construction, and Remodeling

We specialize in everything related to restaurant construction, and have vast experience working creatively to solve problems related to restaurant remodels, custom restaurant design, specialty equipment installation, such as grease interceptors, and more!